Bridging the Gap Between Computational Photography and Visual Recognition:
UG2 Prize Challenge
CVPR 2018 Workshop Challenge


What is the current state-of-the art for image restoration and enhancement applied to images acquired under less than ideal circumstances?

Can the application of enhancement algorithms as a pre-processing step improve image interpretability for manual analysis or automatic visual recognition to classify scene content?

The UG2 Challenge seeks to answer these important questions for general applications related to computational photography and scene understanding. As a well-defined case study, the challenge aims to advance the analysis of images collected by small UAVs by improving image restoration and enhancement algorithm performance using the UG2 Dataset




Awarded in prizes

Available Challenges

Image Enhancement to Facilitate Manual Inspection

Evaluation of the qualitative enhancement of images from the UG2 dataset.

  • A majority vote from an odd number of raters will determine which image, the original or the restored/enhanced version, is of higher quality.
  • Rater reaction time will be used to gauge thedifficulty of presented image pair.
  • Image Enhancement to Improve Automatic Object Recognition

    Evaluation of the quantitative enhancement of images from the UG2 dataset.

  • Improvement on top-1 and top-5 classification of enhanced images will determine whether the enhancement techniques improve recognition.
  • Keynote speakers

    Member Photo

    Dr. Taylor's research interests lie primarily in the fields of Computer Vision and Robotics and include: reconstruction of 3D models from images, vision-guided robot navigation and smart camera networks.

    Camillo J. Taylor
    University of Pennsylvania
    Member Photo

    Dr. Hoogs supervises the Kitware Computer Vision group and provides strategic direction in this area.

    Anthony Hoogs
    Senior Director of Computer Vision, Kitware
    Member Photo

    Dr. Boehnen is a Senior Program Manager at the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), Office of the Director of National Intelligence..

    Christopher Boehnen
    Senior Program Manager, IARPA

    Important Dates

    Open registration

    January 15, 2018

    Submission deadline

    April 2, 2018

    Winners announcement

    May 15, 2018

    CVPR Workshop

    June 18, 2018


    About the UG2 Challenge

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